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Friday, September 13, 2013

7 QTF vol. 15

I just discovered Evernote! Wow! I likey what I see! I can't wait to have some time this weekend to explore and figure it out.
Today's our first AHG meeting! It's going to be a great year for the Tenderhearts (age 6-8 year old girls).
She's turning 3 this weekend! I can hardly believe it! This is her picture from last years bday!
Saturday's full of soccer, baseball, volleyball, etc! If you need us for anything- we'll be cheering on our gang on the various fields.
I'm really proud of my DH. He bought a FitBit about 3 weeks ago and he's really been motivated to eat better and exercise! Last I heard he'd lost 8 lbs.
Coaching Jr. High volleyball at my daughters school has been a lot of fun! It sure has brought back some 'good ole days' memories.
Have a great weekend everyone! The weather around here is supposed to be very fall like! So excited!
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