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Friday, September 06, 2013

7 QTF vol. 14

Our Jr. High team was victorious last night. Crushing the opposing team in 2 games! Proof that getting the basics down REALLY well before moving on to more complicated aspects of the game WILL really pay off. The other team was trying to hit and over hand serve, but we won the game with our under hand serves! Yay!
Today 'my 5' and I are dropping off the school kids and heading to mass and a birthday celebration for Our Lady. It's officially our homeschool groups 'kick off' for the new year complete with cupcakes and birthday gifts to be donated to one of the pregnancy centers locally.
Tomorrow's volleyball practice will be lead solely by yours truly! I'm excited!
The weather right now is to DIE for! I'm loving waking up to the fresh cool air of fall! Seriously, it makes me a happier person. Crazy how weather can do that to some people!
Tonight we have a double date night with good friends of ours. Can't wait to hang out with them at a really cool 'not to far from home' restaurant.
Tomorrow #4 has her first soccer game! I love watching her play soccer AND she's really loving playing it!
Have a great weekend everyone! No matter where you are, who you are or what you're doing this weekend...May you and your loved ones be blessed!
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