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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Daybook entry 17

Beautiful fall colors! They're coming...

-aware of God's glory: this summers weather has been amazing! We normally have humid and hot from June thru August. We've set all kinds of records this August. Right now it's 63 degrees, not a cloud in the sky.  It's GLORIOUS!!!

-listening to: Starbucks is playing some sort of 70's rock. I've been laughing out loud at some of the songs. It makes me think about music and how good or bad it can be for you. And I think some people more or less than others are affected by music.  Personally,

-talking with my child/ren about: Sigh. My kids are really growing up. We're having 'talks' with them about growing up! Sigh. Gradually we're preparing to have teenagers in our house. I can hardly believe I'm saying it. I never thought Id have teenagers when I was inundated daily with diapers, pacifiers, spit up, whining and discipline. And here we are. We're definetly transitioning between the 'little kids are hard because they're physically exhausting' to the 'big kids are hard because they're emotionally exhausting'. AND we still have little kids too! I'm thankful for my little kids now, more than ever. And I've noticed myself tuning in more and being aware more of their sweet innocence and their cute curious questions.

-thinking and thinking: mainly about school starting tomorrow. How excited my 12 year old is! How excited her dad and I are for her, but how we've lived life...and we know she's in for some bumps and surprises along the way.  I'm thankful we're here for her and aware of what's to come- bot the good and the bad/difficult.  Jr. High girls can be a little 'rough around the edges'. My #1 doesn't know just how rough they can be. Buckle up, my sweet's going to be a fun time in your life and you are on the edge, today, of taking this next step in growing up.

-pondering prayerfully:  Our kids. Praying for them. Praying that we don't screw them up for life by our own parenting mistakes. We all make those mistakes. Whether its impatience, being over protective, not giving one the praise that she needs to feel good about herself...all of it! It's the 'stuff' this 'parenting thing' brings with it. It unfolds from the first minute you lay eyes on your precious newborn...each day we should pray for our children. And I've added this little prayer to my list recently...Lord, please protect my children from being wounded by my mistakes. Amen.

-finding rhythm:  There's no need to make life (in general) harder on myself, right!? So, I'm giving myself these first 2 weeks of school to sorta take it slow and find a rhythm.  This attitude and approach helps take the pressure down a notch, at least. And I know that both in school and at our home school...we have time to figure this new year out and get to a rhythm that works.

-creating by hand: Mainly I've been working on schedules, meal plans and AHG badge work plans.  My hands have been busy at my computer these days. I wish my hands were busy at scrap booking, but I've set that aside, again, so that I can keep my priorities in line. I am wife, home maker, teacher first. Creative outlets aren't my #1 'go to' because that is a time suck. When my kids are grown and I have extra time...I will use some of that time to be creative. 
-learning lessons in: Parenting! Ha! Do you sense a theme here!? Specifically, I'm becoming more and more aware of each child's individualness (is that a word? It is now!) and their specific needs, temperaments, etc. I'm thanking God for the awareness He's giving me in this area.
-encouraging learning: I'm honing in on my littles this year. I love this age. They are 4 1/2 and almost 3. And they are ready and eager to learn.  I've always known that because we home school and during the school year we are 'in the books' a lot my little kids have always started 'school' earlier then their public school peers.  I've kinda 'held off' my last 2 kids mainly out of the need to hone in on my middle girls last year. BUT this littles are part of the plan. I have some fun stuff planned for them. And my elementary age kids are going to help me implement the plan. Part of the beauty in home schooling is teaching my kids how to teach/help each other.  Team work at it's best!
-begging prayers: Please pray for us!? Specifically we ask for your prayers as we go through yet another 'life transition'. 

-living Liturgy:  Padre Pio is our family Saint of the Year.  I'm looking for a new way to use his story to reach the children. We read this book last spring  Saint Pio of Pietrelcina Now we're ready for something else. Hmm.

Padre Pio, pray for us!

-keeping house: DH asked to see the kids chore chart yesterday. He has something up his sleeve. I sense an adjustment to the plan coming. He said he has an extra 15 min chore to add to their list each day.

-crafting in the kitchen: DH is gone 2 nights this week. Business trips are the pits, but they're part of our life right now. Meal plans are hard to stick by when DH is out of town. I'm not quite sure why it's harder when he's away, but it just is.  So, I'm off to make up a plan that will work for us this week.

-loving the moments: Connection. Still being thankful and grateful for the moments of sincere and genuine connection.

-giving thanks: For my daughters new school. Yesterday we had a mother/daughter day at the school. We prayed together, laughed together and worked together. I was amazed by the fabulous new families we met. Great girls! Sweet moms! We are blessed to be a part of this dynamite Catholic community.

-planning the week ahead: Need I 'go there' again. Ha ha! Read above again!

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