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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Daybook entry 16

I'm short on words this am, but wanted to blog nonetheless..

-aware of God's glory: 
A snippet of the CO Rockies! Every time I visit this state I'm in awe of God's awesome creation!

-listening to: Starbucks 'music'. We're on our date and catching up on the week ahead. 

-talking with my child/ren about:I've had some deep conversations with #3 this week. She is a fabulous communicator. It's so fun talking to her and getting to know her more...even when the conversations are tough and often involve tears. She promised me last night that as she grows up she will continue talking to us about whatever it is she wants to talk about. Fingers crossed! There's something that makes me happy about being able to have 'big kid' conversations with my children. 

-thinking and thinking: About how to maintain balance in all areas of life.

-pondering prayerfully: how do we organize life with carpooling to real school this year and homeschooling the rest and extra activities, bed times, meal times...all of it! Lord, lead us! Lord Jesus be my strength!

-finding rhythm:  This week is my 'finish planning' week. It's our last week of no real schedule.  #4 is in soccer camp every morning this week. And we've got a few appointments to go to before school starts, but other than that I will be going through school books to get a feel for the plan for each subject. I will be taping chore charts, carpool schedules, extra activities calendars. You name it...I'll be organizing it each afternoon this week.

-creating by hand: I still desire more 'creative time', but for the first time in a while I did some digital scrap booking this am while thinking about this blog post. I am determined in a new way to complete #6's baby album. Yep, she's almost 3...if that tells you something!
-learning lessons in: seeing the good in #3. She's a middle child. She gets a lot of crap from the big kids and is often the one disciplined most and corrected often. Lord, she needs more praise and recognition. Help me tune in to that! With 6 children it's sometimes hard to tune in on one child, but this child really needs that! I can't do it without your Grace, Lord!

-encouraging learning: My littles are really becoming preschoolers. I love this age! They're asking lots of questions. And they feed off each others questions, so they're helping each other learn without even knowing it. Yesterday in a moment of Grace, I tuned into their little voices and their curiosity and it was so FUN! I'm looking forward to spending am school time with them. May my motivation be their cute curiosity and their willingness and eagerness!

-begging prayers: for family members who are far from God. For souls that are lost and in pain.

-living Liturgy: Nightly prayers as a family has gone well. It's becoming easier and the kids seem interested in it. I enjoy settling them down for bed this way. #3 has shared with all of us a neat evening prayer in one of her prayer books. She's my spiritual one. She's asked to go to spiritual direction with me once a month. I love that she asked. Lord, do your work in her and help me be an instrument not a hindrance.

-keeping house: New chore charts coming. Slight changes around the house, but really they way we've done it over this past year has worked. I can't complain. And I've always heard to not change things if they're working. Ha! There's my answer!

-in the kitchen: the meal plan has been a constant struggle to do, but thankfully I've had more success lately.

-loving the moments:  still basking in the moments of true, honest, real connection with friends and family

-giving thanks: for one more week! And for new beginnings!

-planning the week ahead: Soccer, orthodontist, chiropractor, baseball, school planning, play dates, busy, fun!


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