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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Daybook entry 15

Coffee date as a family. On vacation.

Figuring it out.

My baby's nearly 3!

Caught him.


Most loving.

I've decided to change up my day book template a bit.  A blogging/Facebook friend has some great prompts that I've adjusted a bit to fit me better. Check out her blog at Browse around. If you're a Catholic mom you're sure to gain wisdom from her experiences in life.

And on with my post...

-aware of God's glory: making every effort to be present and joyful even in the 'trenches' of daily life. God has blessed us so much! We are in a very 'sweet spot'. God let us not take anything for granted and please guide in Your ways, always! Your will be done in all!

-listening to:  coffee being ground, poured, etc. We're on our Starbucks date. I am grateful for these sounds and this time with my best friend. We chat. We blog. We plan the week ahead. I need this time each week.

-talking with my child/ren about: gradually preparing my oldest to go off to real school. 2 weeks from tomorrow she starts. She is nervous and excited, but mostly the later!

-thinking and thinking:  and planning our new school year. I've started working through my 3 school age kids' books. How much time is to be spent on each subject, each day, each week. This week I will do minimal planning because we are diving into our last week of summer head first. We have something planned each day- just for fun!

-pondering prayerfully:  how to help out at Seton (#1's new school). Each family is required to volunteer in some way. There are a lot of options. I'm pondering which 'area' will be best for our family. I want to be involved. I think it's necessary for us to be part of her school experience in whatever ways we can. We want to know the families, the kids, the teachers...and be informed and 'in the know'.

-finding rhythm:  personally, I'm gradually backing up my wake up time in prep. for school starting and carpool driving, etc. I've met with the 2 ladies who we will be carpooling with- 'the Anne's'! What a gift it'll be to not have to drive back and forth to her school 10 times a week or more (for extra curricular activities). Now, to transition us from summer rhythm to school rhythm. I love change! I enjoy moving back into this time of year. Fall is near! And I love fall weather in VA!

-creating by hand: not much! But I really want to learn how to knit. I'm considering asking a friend if I can host a 'mom's night' and have her teach a few of us to knit. Hmmmm.

-learning lessons in: quieting my heart. Taking time each day to just breath deep. Enjoy the sounds of childhood in my house. Not raise my voice when someone makes an innocent childhood mistake. Not speaking with a harsh tone. All these things...when I make the mistake and do them...I hear repeated through my own children. One to the other. It's not encouraging to hear your sinful nature repeated by the little souls you are given.

-encouraging learning: all summer long we've been reading and reading. Several summers in a row I've encouraged the kids to read books by having a 'reward system' (I'll do a post on that later) and it works. Honestly, my kids (most of them) are easily motivated by these sorts of things which I know is a blessing. I think each child has read at least 7 books this summer. My oldest, my bookworm, has probably read 20.

-begging prayers: for my brother and his family. They are in the middle of some really tough stuff right now.

-living Liturgy:  New goals: evening prayer time as a family which includes a decade of the rosary and individual prayers and petitions led by the children. We have kids going to be at various times from 7:30-9:30 and for a while we've just prayed with them individually, but recently we've been drawn back to our 'old way' of coming together as a family and praying before we tuck them in. I like the togetherness much more!
Maintaining the 'old': mass 1 extra time each week. When school starts we'll go on Monday am with Seton school. We usually go on Friday's, but we'll change our rhythm when school starts and I think we'll like starting our school week off with mass.

-keeping house:  we've done well for a while having our main house chores being done on Thursday, Friday, Saturday am, but like other things once school starts we'll have to adjust that again.  With #1 going to school I think she'll have to do her dusting, vacuuming and bathroom cleaning on Saturday. The rest of us...will likely keep things the same, but I'm pondering changing it up a bit.

-crafting in the kitchen: we have sooo many tomatoes! I'm going to make salsa this week and freeze some of them too. When I'm done with this blog post. I'm going to plan the meals for the week. Baseball starts Monday which means a little bit of a challenge will be added in to meal plans.

-loving the moments:  of connection with my Lord and secondly, my DH. My best friends. The only 2 I really need and desire.

-giving thanks:  for a wonderful day as a family yesterday. We drove to PA and back. Saw an amazing little town called Strasburg. Amish families every where. Farms. Dutch country. A beautifully simple way of life. The kids asked all kinds of questions. We share with them what we know, but there is much we don't know about them. We saw Noah, a unique show at the Sight and Sound Theater. And we oohed and awed at the model train set up at Choo Choo Barn. A great day!

-planning the week ahead: planning to enjoy some time with the kids.  Completing their summer bucket list ideas. A movie. Mini golf. A museum. Summer. Sigh.

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