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Saturday, August 10, 2013

I will no doubt miss (vol.1)

For a long time I've wanted a 'place' to keep random memories of the kids. Now, I've got a solution. This type of post will be 'ongoing' which is why I'm labeling them with vol.?

- the nearly 3 year old (#6) asking to be a 'turtle' after bath time. She gets her towel, covers her whole self and lays on the bath mat waiting for me to call her...'TURTLE? Where are you?' Then she comes make 'turtle noises' into her room to get her jammies on. I find it so funny that she wants to do this so much. I don't remember how it started.

-when #6 asks me to sing her a song before bed. Right now 9 times out of 10 she asks me to sing Jesus love the little children of the world. She like the colors. And her favorite color is pink, so when I say 'red and yellow. Black and white.' Her response (even before the song is finished) is 'what about pink?' I can't teach her that Jesus doesn't love the 'pink' children, right!? She probably thinks she is one of His 'pink' children. ; ) So, at the end of the regular colors I add in 'and pink'. ; ) You know, at this age...its better not to argue about things of this nature.

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KackyK said...

Cute! Our thing was Super Ducky! On elf those yellow hooded towels with a beak up top. Whoever was the right age, we've had it since Camryn, would put it on and run naked to their room flyng arms out " I'm Super Ducky!"