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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Happy 12th Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to our first born!!! We are so blessed to be your parents.  We look forward to walking with you through many more years of your life! You are a gift to not just daddy and I, but all your younger siblings as well. You have really grown up this year, #1. You are beautiful both inside and out! Don't you forget that! My words cannot begin to express what a gift you are to us and how much we love you!

Your best character qualities are: patience, generosity, helpfulness, courage (you're are thrill seeker), gentleness and compassion.

One of my favorite memories of you: My very first Mothers Day! You were the one who made me a mother first! I will never forget dressing you up and dressing myself up-for mass- the first one as a mom! I was so proud to carry you around and show you off!

A few things I hope are engraved on your heart forever (I could say a million, but I don't want to bore you): Be open to sharing what's in your heart. Never forget only Our Lord loves you perfectly and He will never hurt you or leave you! Don't take anything for granted because every SINGLE thing is a gift from above. Never be afraid to ask us anything or tell us anything. Nothing you could say or do would make us love you less. 

We love you dearly! Keep being YOU! You're worth more than GOLD!

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