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Friday, August 09, 2013


Next week is our last full week of summer! Well, ok, not really, but it's our last week of summer without anyone doing any camps. The week after #4 is in soccer camp all week, 3 hours a day. And the week we start school #2 is 'getting a deal'! What do I mean by that? Well, you see, after I had already planned our first day of school we got an email from the LL (Little League) saying that a fabulous camp (lead by 4 past MLB players and 1 college player) was set up kinda last minute and would be held a mile from our house- the week we start school!

Trumpet sound!!! One of the many beauties/blessings of home school is that I get to decide our schedule and we can be flexible when things like THIS come up. Even though I'm kinda bummed the camp is happening during our first week of school and my 'ideal start' to the school year isn't going to happen; how could I pass up this great opportunity for our star baseball player? And if there's one thing I've learned through the ideal plan isn't always what WORKS out!

DH and I decided to give #2- 2 options for the first week of school. Either he could start his school work the week before everyone and then take baseball camp week off OR he could do his school work in the afternoon each day of camp week. He chose the later. So, we DO have a plan. And it'll work. It just won't look like I had IMAGINED. ; )

The real reason for this post though is to share with you our plan for our last week of full on SUMMER!

Monday- See Monsters University in the theater.
Tuesday- Swim! Eat dinner at the pool!
Wednesday- Mini Golf in the am; #1 and friends go to movie for her bday 'party' in the pm
Thursday- Swim!?

Now, to get through this weekend. We're off in the am for a road trip to Lancaster, PA!! Oh yes we are!! Our VA grandparents gave us tickets to The Sight and Sound Theater  for Christmas last year.
We decided at the beginning of the summer to redeem our tickets this weekend! So, we're off...and I'd do a post about the trip when we return.

Have an awesome weekend y'all! And love each person in your family!

He's a bunch water shy! Sure make pool time more simple. Pouring water in and out of that bucket and shooting water out of his water gun- THAT's what my little boy does! Love him!

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