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Monday, August 26, 2013

A new stage in life

And just like THAT another new stage has begun. A new chapter is beginning. And we're in for yet another roller coaster ride!!! Hang on! There's no turning back! I'm glad I have a helpful husband and I'm glad we're IN THIS together! 

7th grade. Catholic School. First REAL school ever!

4th grade. Home school!

3rd grade. Home school.

WAY excited about getting her picture taken too! PreK at home with mommy! 3 years old!

And my camera shy guy even cooperated for his PreK picture! 4 1/2.

  Yes, one child is missing! #2 is attending a very important baseball camp this week. When he gets home each day at 1pm he does his school work. It isn't my 'ideal', but its working. Gotta love the flexibility in home schooling.

  May your school year be blessed and may your child/ren grow body, mind and soul! 

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