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Thursday, August 01, 2013

7 Worst things about summer vacation

In no particular order...

1. Packing the suitcases...for at least 7 of us! DH packs his own.
2. Flying on the airplane. I really don't like it. We had an extremely turbulent landing this time. Worst turbulence either of us have ever been in. THAT doesn't 'help' my fear of flying.
3.The first night of sleeping somewhere new- it never is quite the same as home.
4. Going through airport security. It sure has become more complicated than when I was a kid.
5. With a big family- some big kids and some little kids- we sometimes have to split of for activities...not so fun sometimes.
6. Leaving Gma and Gpa to come home.
7. Unpacking and catching up on laundry when back home.

Yes, that's #4 and DH riding on a zip line...across a canyon in the mountains! They're nutso!

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