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Friday, August 23, 2013

7 QTF vol.12

#4 has been in soccer camp all week. She has loved it! I'm impressed by her speed and quick feet. I'm not sure yet, but this might just be 'her thing'! Time will tell. I must admit, when I take a minute to think of all the activities the kids are involved in this's overwhelming. Really overwhelming. Thank goodness they don't have to do everything all on the same night. And thankfully, my husband helps out a lot. Plus all the sports: baseball, soccer and volleyball- are only 6-8 weeks long. Then, I'll take a 'long winter nap'.
AHG is ramping up activities this weekend. I have #4 going to a 'back to AHG' skating party. And #3 going to a 'back to AHG' swimming party. Have I mentioned how amazing AHG is!? If you are reading this and have a daughter interesting in learning all kinds of new really should check out this group. I can't say enough good about it!
Tomorrow am #1 and I are going to mother/daughter day for her new school. You know what's really neat? Our time will start with mass. And then we'll head to the school for refreshments and some social time. Then all the 7th grade girls and moms will be beautifying the school grounds. THAT'S what's neat! This school does a fabulous job getting everyone involved...and cultivating a family 'feel'. I'm looking forward to being part of this NEW family. School starts in 3 days! And I have the first carpool run!
I got a new computer 2 days ago. I'm getting 'to know it' right now. It's a MacBookAir. It's smaller than my last computer. My old computer was literally dying more and more each day. At this point...if it wasn't plugged in...the battery would last 2 minutes. I'm not kidding. Anyway, my DH takes good care of me. He not only got this computer, but he got it all set up for me. What a guy! I am blessed!
Oh, and back to sports...I'm going to be helping out the Jr. High volleyball team. I'll be the assistant coach this year! I'm really excited. A little bit nervous...its been a long time...and 6 kids post college. A LONG time! But I still have a genuine LOVE for the game! I am looking forward to getting back into it. And I'm hoping to get motivated to get in shape along the way.
Piano lessons are coming to this house! We've taken about a year off. I'm ready to have the kids back on the piano. We have a beautiful piano and I've always wanted them to learn to play on it. The key is to have a teacher that meshes with my kids. We're trying a new one out. I think she's going to be great!
DH and I have discussed our travel plans over the next 9 months. We've got some things up our sleeve! ; ) One being a very possible trip to Disney. Stay tuned!
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