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Friday, August 02, 2013

7 QTF vol.10

--- 1 ---
It literally took us all week to recover from vacation! It wasn't the laundry! Surprise, surprise! We actually had a washer and dryer that we could use on vacation, so we thankfully came back without a ton of laundry to do! It was the 2 hour time difference that kept us behind the 8 ball all week. Luckily not much was planned so I just accepted our extra sleepiness and surrendered to the idea that 'next week' we'll be more normal. : )

  I had a wonderful birthday yesterday! Thank you to everyone who sent messages and helped make it special! I feel so abundantly blessed! And, honestly, I'm glad I have 4 more years in my 30's! I'm going to do my best to make the most of the 'rest of my 30's' AND when I hit 40 instead of sulking about I sometimes feel like doing when I think about it...I'm going to make my 40's better than my 30's! I haven't figured out how, but I am bound and determined to make that decade amazing!

--- 3 --- 
How can it be August already! Where has the summer gone!? My oldest starts school, real school, in 3 weeks! Wow! How exciting! I cannot wait to walk this new path with her! Even though I know she will face many challenges and much growing up, getting more responsible and just plain 'ole hard jr. high stuff...I'm really happy that this is her next step in growing up and becoming the beautiful independent young person God has planned for her to be.

--- 4 ---
     12! My oldest is about to turn 12? Where has time gone on this one? I remember the day she was born oh so well! My mind cannot believe nearly 12 years of her life has gone by. She is such a gift and blessing to our family.
--- 5 ---
I have 'big plans' for the next 3 weeks of summer. Watch out! Stay tuned!

Friendship. Adult friendships. Something I've been pondering a lot lately. Reality says...we have a family. 6 busy children. But reality also says we need to always work to keep our friends close. Think about it. How have your friendships changes from high school to now? They have evolved, right? Friendship now looks and even feels very different than it did 'back then', right? And that's good, right? Healthy. Can you imagine if you had 'high school type' friendships right now? It really would work with a husband and children in the mix, correct? Consider it all. And thank God for your present day solid friendships!
--- 7 ---
We've had our new van for about a month. The temporary 'tags' have expired and my DH hasn't had time yet to make it the DMV. Bad news...I haven't been able to drive the new van since we returned from vacation. Good news...I miss it! 

Have a great day, y'all! And a fabulous weekend 

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