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Friday, August 30, 2013

7 QTF vol. 13

A SNAKE WAS IN OUR HOUSE YESTERDAY!!! Enough said. Wow, what a day! Lord, please prevent that from EVER happening to us again. 
It was just a black rat snake, thankfully! But snakes don't belong in houses! Right!? What the heck!? How do I get to the bottom of this!? 
Our first week of school is nearly over. All of it has gone very well. We are hooked up in an awesome carpool for getting to and from my #1's school each day. I'm am super duper grateful! And our little home school has made great progress this week too even though #2 has been in baseball camp all week and my schedule hasn't been the 'real one' I designed over the summer. Yay, for us!
DH is HOME! Thank you, Lord, for safe travels and the joy that comes from having my better half home again. Thank you for that joy! 
Next week is week 2 of school and it'll look vastly different in some ways and at the same time much more is going on!
Yay for Labor Day! An extra long weekend! A day off from school all around! A gathering with great friends!!!
Stay tuned for my post on our home schooling years plan! 
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