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Friday, August 16, 2013

7 QTF vol. 11

--- 1 ---
We had a great 'last week of summer'! We don't start school until 8/26, but we have appointments and a camp all next week, so we took this past week to enjoy some extra summer fun. Day 1, we saw the movie Monsters University and splurged with popcorn and candy before lunch! Day 2, we went to National Zoo. Day 3, we spent several hours at Burke Lake park. Day 4, we went to play mini golf and get pizza. And Day 5, today, we went to mass, confession and then our cousins house to play. What a great week! Now to catch up a little at home.

  I'm really looking forward to our date night tonight! We're making meals with several other couples at a place that preps the food ideas and ingredients for you. Then you package it up and bring it home to freeze and use on one of those 'busy, busy' week nights. Then after meal packing we're going out to dinner. Yay, for a fun and different type date night!

--- 3 --- 
Praying for my sister in law who's going back to college this week! May her semester be blessed in many ways!

--- 4 ---
Why is staying on top of planning meals so gosh darn challenging!? 
--- 5 ---
We're planning several trips in the next year! AHHH! My brain is in over load! But I'm super excited to do some things we've talked about for so long.

--- 6 ---
Baseball practices have started up! Not to long from now so will soccer, dance and volleyball! I love that my kids want to be active! Yes, sometimes it makes some aspects of life challenging, but I'm so glad we can give them these opportunities to excel, grow and learn.

--- 7 ---
I'm thankful that this coming week will be busy and fun and that my DH doesn't have to travel!

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1 comment:

Molly Melnick said...

Hey T,
Good luck to Sarah. I know she will love it. How exciting for all of you. Glad you found a car pool situation. Love catching up with all you guys are doing. Sometimes I feel like I never lived there it was such a quick stay in VA for us...but I do miss it!!