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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's important

Our 4th of July party with good friends!!!

  Through the years one thing we've learned from some of our friends who are a step ahead of us in this 'parenting thing' is that it is really important to spend alone time with each child and to make it a priority. I couldn't agree more! It's a little bit of a challenge in a big family to constantly be in check with each child. Making sure each one is loved in his/her love language is HIGH on my list of important 'mom and dad' things to do.

   I'm proud of my DH and I. I think we've done a really good job so far. Even from the time the kids were little it was the simple things that were done that let each child know he/she was special to us.  A 'boy outing with dad' to the barber shop or a trip to the grocery store with mom only...THAT was how we did 'back then'.

  Now the kids are older and that kinda 'stuff' isn't quite what we had in mind for our older kids.  Here are some ideas that aren't too expensive which other parents could use as well...

1. a coffee or ice cream date (for the times when 'a talk' is needed)
2. a trip to the bookstore (for the bookworm in the family)
3. a walk in a local park when the weather is just right (another 'good chat' time)
4. a drive with the music up load (for the quieter child)
5. play a game just you and the child
6. have one child help you with a project you need to get done
7. paint nails together
8. rotate giving massages
9. watch a movie that's 'just right' for that child
10. go for donuts one weekend morning

  Try it! Spending one on one time with a child is a lot of fun! And the fruit you'll experience is so worth it!

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