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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy 1st Anniversary!!! Remember when...

One year ago today we moved into our house and slept in it for the first time! I cannot believe a year has passed. In just a years time we have made so many fabulous memories.

Remember when we saw 12 deer in our yard at once. Many of them had small antlers?

Remember when #2 caught a fish in the creek with his bare hands?

Remember when we hosted the First Annual Company Fall Picnic?

Remember when #2 and #4 colided while running around the house on our 'first day of school' causing #4 to need a quick trip to the dentist to have her 2 front teeth pulled?

Remember the flock of geese or ducks? We could never figure out which they were. Maybe swans?

Remember the day we brought home the kittens, Daisy and Ollie?

Remember when Hurricane Sandy came through and caused the creek to rise so high we could see it from the kitchen window? And we made the weather report on our DVR?

Remember when Gma and Gpa came to visit from Texas for the first time?

Remember when we got about 2 inches of snow and #3 and #5 tried to sled down the mulch 'hill'? And they laughed their heads off?

Remember when #2 would chase off various critters with his air soft gun in hand?

Remember when DH and the kids build the tree fort in the huge tree by the creek? And when they found the big rocks all set around the campfire pit? What a nice surprise! I know many memories will be made down by the creek!

Happy 1 year Anniversary to us! Such a lovely blessing this home has been in just 1 year!

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