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Friday, July 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (QTF)

--- 1 ---
I'd really like to change my blog up a little bit. I'm a bit 'challenged' when it comes to doing most things on the computer. And maybe I'll have some time eventually to sit down and 'play around' with some of the options. ; )

  Packing day is here! We are all looking forward to being on vacation. The getting there doesn't sound like 'peaches and cream' though.  Hey, at least I know what to expect! And at least my expectations aren't set too high, right!?

--- 3 --- 
I'm thankful A WHOLE LOT for my husband. I'm filled with happiness that each day we are becoming closer. I'm thankful that our marriage is so important to both of us.  We can honestly say each day we're learning more and more about how to be true best friends!  I'm so in love with this man!

     Its been super hot and humid. I'm ready for fall! I LOVE fall in VA!!!

--- 5 ---
Funny stuff...the main thing I'm going to miss while we're garden! Yep, I love it!

--- 6 ---
 Reality check! When I get home I am on a mission to complete the plan for our upcoming school year.  I love started with a fresh clean slate. The beginning of a new school year helps me get refocused and back in a groove. Don't get me wrong I love the laid backness of summer, but I'm the 'planning' type, so give me a stack of new books, a blank calendar and a computer and LET ME PLAN! Stay tuned for a more detailed post on our school year.

Tomorrow am I go in for a new hair cut. I'm a little anxious and nervous. I might get some highlights for the first time EVER! Hmmm, the options are a bit scary! 
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