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Friday, June 28, 2013


Happy 13th Anniversary to US!!!

It's a busy month for us. We have (in 4 days time) 3 big celebrations back to back in June.
My DH's bday, Fathers day and our Anniversary. Lots of life to celebrate. Lots of reasons to be thankful! And when the celebrations are all finished...I feel like I need to catch my a good way!

This was an extra special year! My DH out did himself! Usually our anniversary celebration is simple. Simple is good. I like simple. Flowers, wine, dinner out...

This year, we went out to dinner for our anniversary, but the fun was only beginning. Normally, we don't give each other a tangible gift. Time alone is our gift to each other. However, DH has a plan up his sleeve. The night began with a note describing how over the next 4 days I'd be given a total of 13 clues (1 for each year of marriage) which in the end would lead me to a '1 of a kind' gift.

Yea! The adventure began...

I can't even put to words what took place over the next 4 days (and ended last night). It was so much fun! I was in suspense until the end.

And the end...was technically at 2am when my husband got back home!? From his journey...

to pick up our new 'big family van'! See below...

Our anniversary gift...was a brand new van! You might say 'that's sorta a strange anniversary gift', but I thought it was/is pretty darn great! You see, my DH sees a need and he

FULBUS has been a great van for us. We're just growing out of it. My oldest is 5'5" and still growing...and she's only 1 person...I have 5 other children, remember? Ya, so the new van we got is called the Nissan NV. It's a 12 passenger van and probably the best thing about it is the seats. They are all movable. They are all bucket seats that can be moved around into 324 different configurations. Seriously!? Awesome!

The hardest adjustment is going to be parking it. It's pretty long and a tad bulky. I'm not afraid to drive big vehicles, but I am nervous about parking it. I suppose I'll get to use to it. I don't have much of a choice, right!? 

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