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Monday, June 03, 2013

Garden update

My oh my! Our garden is really growing well! I'm so pleased! The kids get so excited when they see the fruits. They come yelling 'Mommy! Mommy! You need to cut the lettuce!' I love that we're doing this together and that all of us are enjoying it and enthusiastically being involved in the work.

Here are some pictures...Great huh!? I know! And these were taking a week should see things now! We've had several rainy days plus sun in between...oh my...the recipe for success!

Around our first bed you'll notice mulch. This is our 'in process' project. My DH is really into making the garden an attractive addition to our yard. So, he's taken it upon himself to put down yard fabric first and then he's making mulch (we recently bought a wood chipper) to put around all the beds. It'll look nice when it's all finished up. 

Bed #1

Bed #1 and Compost area

Bed #2 that will be raised like the other next spring. Plus we'll add Bed #3.   

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