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Friday, June 28, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 8)

Did you read my post on our new van!? We're loving it!
It's almost July!? Summer is flying by! Look for the post on our summer bucket list. We're going to be doing a few of those things real soon. Maybe Sunday we can sneak away and see Monsters University. I think it looks cute and we all LOVED Monsters Inc.
My SIL is in the hospital at this moment...hopefully soon to have #6 baby! #12 grand baby on my husbands side. Fun times!!!
Tomorrow's an important baseball game for #2. Praying for a win! Go West!!
I've got to get our home school books ordered this week! Lord, help me remember? There's a lot of other 'stuff' on my mind. 
The garden is doing amazing! We've had several cucumbers now. Lots of Zukes too! I'm not sure when to pull our carrots. And we'll have sooo many tomatoes not too long from now!
Next weeks activities include Volleyball camp for #1 and maybe #3 (we haven't decided of she's going yet), swim lessons, baseball practices and games and our 4th of July celebration which is in the works! God bless America! I love summer and I love my country!!! 
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Geraldine Erikson said...

Word of caution on MU. We saw it yesterday and my two girls were a bit frightened at times. This surprised me because they have seen a lot of movies but there are definitely some scary parts.