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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Special 'little one'

#4 is a very unique child. She entered this world different than any of her other siblings and while on the OR table the doc said to me...'don't worry about her. She entered different than the rest because she is different than the rest!'

Of course, each child is different. They each have their God given strengths and their personal weaknesses. I expect that. And they each hold a unique place in my heart.

#4 received her First Holy Communion today. I have to say preparing her at home was a very special experience. I don't know if it was for her. I think a part of her wishes I had taught her in a classroom setting (CCD) like I had for the other children. The main reason why I chose not to teach her in the CCD classroom was because we moved last summer and I know that living 20+ minutes from the church and having to drive their weekly (among all the other back and forth for other activities) would put a lot of strain on our family week nights. I also decided that given her personality and her timidness it might work better for us to be one on one at home. I'm glad we did it this way with her.

Her faith is quiet. Her holiness is deep. I can tell even though she doesn't express it to me this way. She has a special relationship with the Saints.  And she is eager to learn more and to continue understanding our faith more.

Her First Communion day was different than the rest because we had grown in our own relationship through our preparations. I must admit I was a little teary eyed. She is so beautiful. She is so sweet and innocent.  A very special 7 year old who longs to please Our Lord and is eager for direction. I can't wait to see how Our Lord becomes more and more part of her heart and soul just how she grows and changes.  My prayer for her is that she will keep growing deeper in love with God as her Heavenly Father and that she will remain close to her Saint friends throughout her life!

Congratulations #4! You are a beautiful child with an even more beautiful soul!

Praying quietly

I thought my camera was on auto focus, but guess not...oops

Stained glass window depicting the story of the Last Supper in the Bible- The Last Supper was the moment with Christ instructed His disciples to eat his flesh and drink his blood through Holy Communion in order to have life in Him! Amen!! We believe!

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