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Thursday, May 09, 2013

A very nice place to be

God is good! Life is good!

I say these 2 phrases quite a bit 'in my head', but today I feel the need to share these thoughts on my blog. We are so blessed! I have hardworking, faithful to God and myself (in that order) husband, 6 smart, kind, striving for holiness kids and loving, generous, healthy extended family members!

THIS is a very nice 'place' to be in life! I'm striving daily to live in THIS moment. As I approach my birthday month...I look forward to each year of my life getting better. Not that I won't face challenges. In fact, I can guarantee I will because God tells us in the Bible to 'pick up our cross and follow him' NOT 'pick up the roses at our feet and follow him' ; ) My 30's have been personally challenging. I've been forced to stare reality and overwhelmed feelings right in the face and 'buckle up my boot straps'. And my 30's are half over. I've spent too much time staring at reality and pondering life...NOW, for the rest of my 30's and my 40's and desire is to stop pouting and start LIVING!

For goodness sake, like I mentioned above GOD IS GOOD! And we are BLESSED! What am I pouting about!? That life has bumps? That it's hard? That raising 6 children is overwhelming and exhausting at time!? I gotta get over these things and press forward with hope! Hope that we are doing our best! That we are helping form these children into who Jesus wants them to be!

Positives list:
No one is in diapers! The kids are all mostly independent in the simple day to day things. They are all learning how to cook and clean and help out in this large family. They're all learning to help out in the yard too (although they need more practice in buckling down and 'working hard'. We can/will arrange that). Last week my oldest 2 learned how to use the push mower and the edger and the blower! I could go on and on, but the main point for me to remind myself of is...

Life is good! That's it! I'm thankful for this 'place' my husband and I are in right now with our family!

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