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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Saying goodbye and then hello

It stinks to say goodbye! Hello is so much more fun, right!? But saying goodbye and being hopeful for someone's return is, well, JUST LIFE!

I remember when I was dating (and then engaged) to my husband...he would drop me off at my dorm after we had gone out on a date and it was so hard to say good night and be on my way. We use to 'dream' ahead to now...and long for the days when we wouldn't have to be apart and say good bye just to be separate for some time. Hee Hee! Oh how a young person imagines marriage to be. Tonight, I sit here in this house and my dear husband is clear across the nation! We've had to say goodbye so many times. We've gotten to say hello so many times too though. I like those kind of hellos!

Tomorrow night I will say good bye to my kiddos for the weekend. I'm really looking forward to some time 'just us' at our alma mater, but it stinks to have to say goodbye to my babies! It's hard!

I was just thinking about how seldom we go away and leave them with family though and I realized that not only to we need 'just us' time, but the kids also need time with 'just their grandparents' too. There's a lot of good fruit that comes out of both situations. And on top of ALL that I think it's good to teach the children that goodbye's are hard, but sometimes necessary and that their hope can/should be in the return- the hello.

Afterall, Jesus' death was a really hard goodbye. And his Resurrection- a priceless hello!

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