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Friday, March 22, 2013


 I'm so thankful it's Friday!!! We leave in 30 min. 7 of us that is. To drop the 4 big kids off at our church.  Our homeschool group has chartered a bus to drive about 50 students and a few moms to the Kennedy Performing Arts Center for a field trip. Yea!

  I can't believe my kids nearly first time to ride a bus is going to be a chartered one! What the heck! They are spoiled, right!?

  It'll be just me and my little guys for the whole morning! Ahh, what to do!? I have a few errands to run, but then I have to get back here to plan for the AHG meeting later this afternoon. I'm the lesson planner this time around. Sadly, I've procrastinated a bit and still need to pull some things together.

  Anyway, today I'm really happy because the weekend is 'right around the corner' and we don't have it crammed with activities like last weekend. #1 has the most going on mainly because just a few days ago she got asked to be a sub for her Irish dance school, so now she has a show to dance in Saturday afternoon at one of the local nursing homes. And just yesterday she was invited to one of her friends birthday parties.  Other than those things and a couple baseball practices the rest of the weekend is free. Really, all I 'ask' is that the nights are 'just us'...ya know!?

  I really like being 'just us'! The 8 of us! And then post bed time...the 2 of us! It's important to protect the 'just us' time and not go too long without it!

  Happy Friday to all of you and have a great weekend!!


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