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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Daybook entry 3

Outside my window...  It's going to be a glorious day! Highs in the low 60's. Bright blue skies. A day that helps put a smile on the faces of my DH and I.

I am thankful for... My 2 sons!! Last night we celebrated their March birthdays with extended family. As I sat in the floor and watched them switch back and forth between each other opening their gifts it hit me like it has sooo many times before just how blessed I am to be their mom. I'm so proud of them both. They are such good boys! Smart, handsome, fun, kind and I treasure these days with them.

In the schoolroom...  I'm feeling a little uncertain about what the 2013-14 school year will bring. My oldest got accepted into the school she wanted to go to. We couldn't be happier for her! Sending her off to school each day will for sure change our routing around the house. And her 'days off' and such will also affect us. I've re-registered the 3 middle kids with STAA (St. Thomas Aquinas Academy). I've used them for the last 2 years. They are a homeschool support organization that mentors families who are homeschooling their children. Each year they do a thorough evaluation of the kids who are registered and then I call the director and have a 30 min. conversation with her about each kids, so an 1 1/2 hour conversation about how they're doing, what we need to work on more, etc. Then they send me a list of recommended courses for each child. Where to order the books at the best price and suggestions for how to schedule their time in each subject, each day, each week of the school year. STAA really has been valuable. I hope it continues to be even with the changes of this coming school year.

From the kitchen...  I did a great job planning last weeks meals and sticking to the plan. I wish I could get on top of the whole month better.  I find when I sit down to write down an idea for each night of the month I just can't THINK. Every time I sit down to do that I 'finish' with things not complete. I guess I just lack inspiration!?

I am creating...  Nothing currently

I'm working on...  tightening the budget 'straps' again! We are making some financial changes and I'm trying to do a better job all around.

I'm reading...  still working on The Ministry of Motherhood. I don't sit down to read very often, so it takes me a long time to finish a book.

I'm praying for...  The Cardinals of the Catholic Church who will enter the Conclave this Tuesday and begin the process of electing our new Pope. I'm rooting for Schonborn.

I'm hearing...  The sounds of Starbucks...having some me time...catching up on calendar items that needed to be entered and blogging and enjoying my Grande White Mocha, skim, no whip!

Around the house...  Nothing is on the calendar for the day. I'm hoping all of us will get outside some today and just BE a family. Maybe play a game together...that sorta thing.

One of my favorite things...  Lately, my favorite thing has been having 'chats' with my DH. We went to a marriage workshop about 3 weeks ago and our conversations have been much better recently. We are blessed! We are thankful for that workshop!

A few plans for the rest of the week...  We have a pretty busy week ahead. Both boys start baseball/tball practice! No dance this week though. They get St. Patty's week off because so many parades and shows are taking place.

A picture thought...  This little guy has stood at a fence all his life watching his big brother play on the other side and itching to be out there. NOW, this week...he gets his first chance to be on the other side of the fence just like his big brother. Words cannot express his excitement. He's only just about to turn 4 years old. I'm a little bit nervous to see how he'll do when he's REALLY out there.

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