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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our God is an Awesome God

I'm feeling a bit speechless this evening. What a day! Habemus Papam! We have a new Pope!

Here is how our day unfolded...God was for sure the master of the timing! Every Wednesday I take the whole gang to our parish for an elementary co-op. Each child (ok, just the older 4) take 3 classes throughout the course of a few hours. 10-11am, 11-noon, then lunch and recess and then 1-2pm they have their final class. I help out in a 10-11am class, then I go to the nursery where my #5 and #6 have spent the last hour and I join them for an hour and help out with the other nursery aged kids. Then my 2 littles and I usually head out for a couple errands before returning to pick up the rest of the gang. All of that happened as usual today. When the littles and I returned to the church for pick up I heard one of the moms saying that a computer had been hooked up to the TV in Our Lady's Hall and some people were watching live streaming of the Sistine Chapel because a vote was occurring very soon. It was a few minutes before the bigs would get dismissed for the day, so the littles and I went to check out the 'chimney' (black smoke or white smoke?) Nothing was happening. We stayed for a few minutes to pass the time and then proceeded to walk back down the hall to retrieve the other kids when half way back my #1 kid and some of the other older students came barreling down the hallway yelling "WHITE SMOKE! WHITE SMOKE!" I could hardly believe what I was hearing! No way! I thought for sure it would take a few days for them to decide on the new Pope. I knew it wouldn't take til the weekend, but I had just said to my kids on the way to co-op that I thought it would be longer.

Boy was I wrong! And then to have my kids be the ones to tell me FIRST! Seriously!?

After almost literally being run over by my #1 and soon after her the REST of the co-op children, we all settled down to watch the events unfold. I must say it was really special and a moment I will never forget and I hope my kids won't either. We were at our parish, our pastor nearby, with a lot of our friends and all people were VERY excited about the moment! I don't know that we could have been in a better place and the right time! For the kids I think the neat part is that looking around the room I saw so much happiness, so much joy and hopeful expectation in their faith!

What a neat time to realize being Catholic has some sublime awesomeness to it! What other religions can even compare! The universality of the Catholic Church is REAL and present!

We have so much to be proud of as Catholics!

And now, to get to know our new Pope. I've begun reading about him and I'm liking what I've read so far!

Pope Francis, we will pray for you! We are ready for you to lead the Church with humility, love and faithfulness!  Already, we love you because we know and believe you were chosen not by man, but by God, to be the successor of Peter. The Vicar of Christ!

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Geraldine Erikson said...

What an awesome day to share with our Holy Trinity Family.