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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Holy Week

   When this time of year rolls around I'm reminded to keep it SIMPLE! It's so easy to run, run, run to find the 'right things' and do the 'perfect crafts' and such, but I really desire more than anything to keep our life simple, prayerful, meditative and memorable. I want to do a few 'out of the normal' things because I want to draw our attention to the Passion of Christ, but I just want to keep in the front of my mind that the simple, slow and peaceful times will be what my children remember.

  Here is our simple plan...

  Holy Thursday: house chores/cleaning all morning. Afternoon one appt with #3 at orthodontist while the other kids hang with their cousins. Come home. Finish chores. Make dinner. Mom and 4 oldest kids go to Holy Thursday Mass.

  Good Friday: house chores/cleaning with dad. 3pm Good Friday service. Dinner: Rosemary Lemon salmon and sides.

  Holy Saturday: normally we do yard work and more house jobs, but this year our #5 is celebrating his 4th bday on Saturday, so we've decided to work hard all week in order to be able to stop our chores and celebrate the gift of our second son. Saturday we'll take him bowling with his godfather and his kids. Then he wants to eat at Subway and come home for cake. The rest of the afternoon we'll settle down and continue our 'quiet preparation' and sacrificing. We'll do Station of the Cross at home.

  Easter!!! All our local family members are coming over to our house to celebrate. We'll do an outside Easter egg hunt with all 11 cousins. And all the families will contribute a part of the meal. Here's the part of the menu my DH and I decided to prepare. The top two recipes come from a friend of mine. We tried them a few years ago when it was 'just us' and no guests for dinner and it was a hit. So, this year...we'll serve it to the rest of the family.
Grilled Marinated Lamb
Raisin Caper Salsa Verde
Deviled eggs (my parents recipe- TOP SECRET!!)
A dessert -still undecided on
and drinks

The rest of the family will bring: 2 more appetizers, a salad, a potato dish, a green veggie and a GF dessert.

  There you have it! Our simple celebration. I will not be blogging again until maybe Easter night when all are in bed and I have some quiet time to myself. I will post pictures then. I pray all of you have a prayerful and peaceful Triduum and that your Easter morning truly is a GLORIOUS day as you celebrate YOUR WAY with the ones you love.

God bless you all!!!

Easter 2012

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