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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Birthday to our second born son!

  YOUR day is finally here little guy! We are so thankful God heard and answered our prayers by giving us a second son. You are such a fun boy to watch grow up! You are also an answer to your big brothers prayers. When he was 5 years old he began praying every night that he'd be given a little brother. Now, you two are inseparable.

  #5 you are loving, funny and very protective of your little sister. More and more you are asking to do your 'own school work'. You are very smart! I think you're cute, especially with your little chipped tooth in the front. Best of all, right now, is the fact that you are still a momma's boy! You snuggle up close. You beg me to hold you! These days I am cherishing your closeness little guy! I hope you always want a hug...even if it's not as often...when you grow up! You love legos, sports, super heroes and well, everything and anything your big brother likes.

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

Here you are rolling your big brothers baseball bag after his last game in the fall.  You really look up to him!

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