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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Happy 10th Birthday, #2!!

It's his DAY!!! It's finally here! March 2nd has been a topic of conversation for a few months around here because #2 has been very anxious to turn 10 year old!!

I can't blame him! Double digits is a big deal!!!

Happy Birthday to our first born son! He is full of joy! He loves everything about each new day. Every night before I walk out of his room after saying good night he asks 'mom, what are we doing tomorrow?'

He's such a great kid! He's the only one who never grumbles when asked to help out around the house. He steps up when daddy is gone and does so much of the 'manly' things around the house.

He's in 4th grade this year and right on target with his school work. He gets his work done each day just like he's asked and even with subjects like math and English get difficult he plows through and accepts help when he needs it.

He's an amazing big brother to his little brothers and sisters and each one them admires him.  He's just so darn fun to be around. He has no trouble making friends because he's easy to laugh with and talk to. He's always got a joke to tell or a story that will make you laugh, but more often than not...he cracks himself up which is what actually makes me laugh out loud! He really can get his imagination going and before you know it he'll have the whole family rolling with laughter.

He loves to play baseball which I speak of plenty on this blog. He is one really great athlete which is super fun for his daddy and I to watch since we're both sports lovers ourselves.  He loves to play any sport really as long as he's with his best buddies. Two of his very favorite buddies are his cousins who are 9 months older and 9 months younger than he is.  I'm thankful he has such a great relationship with them.

He also loves to serve at mass.  God is at work in him when he serves the Lord at mass. I know it.  He may not be called to be a priest, but maybe he will be...who knows, but nonetheless this mommy will be proud and thankful.

Happy Birthday, buddy!

He is such a good son! It makes me proud every day to call him son!

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