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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gardening- The beginning stages

  I am soooo excited to share with you the progress we've been making on our garden.  This year will be our first ever REAL garden. Last year we grew a few veggies from pots, but we moved late summer, so we lost a lot of what we had started. But I will say, for the first time ever...I felt like I was learning how to be have a 'green thumb'. We did pretty well considering we were in the midst of moving.

  NOW we have some land, so my desire to have a REAL garden started growing once I saw the first signs that winter was coming to an end.  We've decided to go with the square foot gardening method. And we've decided to start small since we're still learning. So, our garden will be a 3' x 9' raised garden.
We've located it in an area of our yard where we have a close by water source, the area gets plenty of sun and it isn't too far from the house, but it isn't too close either. My husband has helped me a lot. I'm so grateful. I know if I tried to do it all myself it wouldn't look so nice.

  Take a look...


   You may wonder why part of the bed seems to be 'under ground'? Well, that my friends is because my husband wants more than anything for the garden to not be ugly! So, he made it level! The ground is a has a little slop to it right there, so in order for the whole box to be level he put part of it down a bit.  #2 was his helper as you see in the picture. I love it when the kids willingly get involved and learn something new at the same time. #2 is 10 now, remember!? He's getting stronger and more helpful every time we have a project! Love that!!

  Now, if the garden box will stop getting full of snow we can proceed with mixing our 'perfect soil' combination (recommended in the Square Foot gardening book) and put the soil into the bed. Then all I have to do is put the grid on top to divide the spaces between the various crops.

  We've begun our tomato and cucumber plants inside.

Yea for our gardening adventures!!!!

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