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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Celebrating our way

  Today we're celebrating 2 special days in one! It's the Feast of St. Joseph who is very dear to our family. He was our 'family Saint of the year' for 2012. And we named our first born son after him. He's a Saint we feel especially close to.

This is the statue my son has and I just love it. We'll set it out tomorrow with a small candle on nearby reminding us to ask St. Joseph to pray for us! 

  Also, Pope Francis will be officially installed as our new Pope. So we will celebrate today with the rest of the Church. I pushed the kids to get lots done yesterday (school and chores) so that we can take the whole day off from school.

  Here's how our day of celebrating will look...

  8am Eggs, sausage and muffins for breakfast
  9am Mass at our parish followed by hot cocoa for all who behave nicely ; )
  10:30 am play time (I'm guessing they'll want to play the Wii since a couple of them gave it up for     Lent)
  11:30 Leave for a visit to the new library and lunch out. Haven't decided where yet. Depending on the weather maybe we'll stop by a park for a little bit too.
  1:30 Home again for quiet time for the littles and more play time for the bigs. Maybe a game of Qwirkle or Risk...2 of our current favs. Another couple options I will give them is to finish our Papal lapbooks or do a craft that's 'pope-ish'. Pictures will be posted.
  3:00 Leave for Sports Day. #2 has a twice a month club with his best buddies. Each time they play a different sport. He would rather scrub toilets than miss this club. The girls and I hang out with our cousins. They live close to the family who hosts sports day.
  5:30 Prep our Italian dinner in honor of St. Joseph and the new Pope. Spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread, a veggie and for dessert Canaloni!!

  That sums it up. Just wanted to share with you OUR way of celebrating a great day in our Church. I must admit. I'm pretty darn proud to be Catholic. I don't know of any other faith who gets to celebrate the amazing and holy life of real people who made a huge difference in the world! Or even share in the joy and excitement of the election of a new leader... a man, simple and devout...who has been chosen by God to be the successor of Peter...Pope Francis. It is GREAT to be Catholic!!!

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