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Friday, March 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol.6)

7 quick takes sm1 Your 7 Quick Takes Toolkit!
7 Things I'm thankful for...

My husband being home again! He was in Boston 3 days this week.

The moments when my #2 puts his arms around me. He's not a 'physical touch' kinda kid. I miss that from when he was a little guy. He quickly grew out of that and into a 'quality time' kinda kid. You know? The 5 love languages...
So, when he does put his arms around me or sit on my lap...I cherish it.  And I find it really neat that whenever something like this happens it's instant 'surprise' so I know right away to cherish it. Thank you, Lord! Last night there was one of these 'moments'. 

I'm thankful for the sun and the warmth and radiance that it brings to us. It has been sunny and warmer here lately bringing hope to us that spring is near and lifting our spirits a bit. Can't wait for flip flops and shorts weather

I'm super excited to start building our garden. The plan is almost done! This weekend I'll be planting our first seeds inside. They'll be 'our babies' for a while. ; )

I'm still thankful for our new house. It's really a blessing! Some day I will post some pictures of it here and sorta 'give my readers a tour'.

I'm thankful for summer plans. It looks like we may get to meet my family for some vacation time in CO this summer. Its been a while since we've been back there.

I'm thankful that it's Friday! We have quite a bit on the calendar this weekend, but lots of fun things!!
I love that my kids are active! 

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