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Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Pope day" at our house

  We declared today "Pope day" since so much is going on around us dealing with the departure of Pope Benedict XVI from the Papal residence. He is no longer the reigning Pope so now he will be simply known as Benedict XVI.

  First we watched the departure on EWTN. It was very interesting and the kids asked a ton of questions.

  I thought the most fun part of "Pope day" was making this lap book which are full of information.  For those of you who aren't home schoolers (even though lap books aren't something 'exclusive' to home schoolers we are the main people who make use of them) here is a great place to read and understand what one is (What is a lapbook?) We just began making this Papal Lap Book today and we'll take several days to talk about the information as we finish assembling them. It's fun to make these especially if you're like me and get the 'craft itch'.

  Here are some pictures of the kids making theirs.
Yes, the fireplace is on in the background. Our heat isn't working right. : (

#1 learning about the hierarchy of the Church. We even learned about Papal Nuncios! And where Abbots fit into the order.

  Please check back again for more progress on our Papal Lap Books!


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