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Monday, February 04, 2013

Not sure what to call this post?

   It seems like life is always changing. Maybe it's because the kids are still young, but today as I type this blog post I am debating on if the title should be 'Hard times' or 'Good times are rolling' or something totally different.

  Sometimes it feels like every other day we are doing just that. Kids are growing inches, losing teeth, perfecting cursive, conquering math facts, reading a new 'level' book, etc. It's constant. The changes are always happening.

  Today, I am in the middle of potty training the baby. She's doing well. She still has a ways to go, but she's getting it. I think this is IT. That means nobody in diapers!!! What!? So strange. What a great thing! But at the same time, kinda a sad thing. The babies aren't such babies anymore. And who knows if Our Lord will bless us with another one some day. She could be our last!? And she might not be. It's all in God's hands. That's good! And that's kinda sad too.

  Do you sense this roller coaster we're on!? Are you on one too? Is it more hilly because the children are young? Or just different because the children are young? Will we be on this ride for a very long time?

  The other thing happening in the middle of potty training today is my oldest is off at one of our close friends' house being a 'mommy's helper'.  BIG time growing up! She's really getting big.

  This blog post is about the realities of family life. Growing, changing, can't stop 'em from happening. However you look at it, good, bad, sad, indifferent...get use to it...because it's just LIFE! I'm trying to enjoy the present moments and stay near my children as they experience life's roller coaster.

  Good news is...our family is all on the same ride, together, and Christ is controlling the whole shabang!


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