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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's ok to KISS?

No, I'm not talking really KISS. Although I do agree it's ok to do that. What I'm really talking about is keeping life simple...KISS...Keep It Simple Stupid! That should be my motto. Most of the time, I do opt to keep things simple over stressing out and feeling unpeaceful about it. What's it? Well, you know, raising 6 children, homeschooling them, keeping up with the laundry, meals, housework in general, teaching them our faith, taking them to activities...all of THAT is the 'it' I'm talking about.

Get to the POINT!!!

Today is 'FAT TUESDAY'. But today I have had 2+ kids sick all day. #4 woke up with a low fever around 5:30am. I gave her Motrin, moved her to my bed, I moved out into the shower. She woke up at 8am and was feeling much better. She showered. She ate breakfast and since then she's been quiet and needed a dose of tylenol for a headache but other than that she's seemed to feel pretty good. I had an appt. today. My MIL came over to watch the kids. When I called to say I was on my way home she said #3 now had a fever. ACK!!! I raced home. #3 has improved after a dose of Tylenol. She seems to be tired, but ok now. THEN about an hour ago #5 started with the headache! ugh!!! Ok, so enough of the details. Everyone seems to be doing ok. Not 100%, but could be MUCH worse from what I hear of what's 'going around'.

Now, go back to the fact that it's FAT TUESDAY. We have done next to nothing to 'celebrate' that fact. We had a nice (better than normal every day type) breakfast. But that's IT!!! And you know what...that's ok with me! I could run around mixing up a concoction for King Cake or something, but I'm not going to.

I think all moms need to sit down and take it easy more often. Life isn't about who can do what better than whom. It's not about making yourself 'feel better' by making yourself 'do more' to 'look good'.

So, KISS! And enjoy the simple LIFE!!!

Ta Ta!!!!

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