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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Its been a while

  We have been a very busy family over the past week. Honestly, a little busier that I prefer, but we've also had some great fun and accomplishments!

  This past weekend my DH and I attended a wonderful marriage conference at a nearby parish. We enjoyed it and learned some new things. I'd say we both walked away with renewed closeness and the desire to keep practicing the things we learned. If you're interested in the program check out The Alexander House.

  While we were attending the conference all day Saturday we had children who needed to be all sorts of places. We are so blessed to have family nearby that can help us out when we get into these sorts of challenges.  Have a large family is of course a lot of work, but some of my most favorite times are when the kids are out and about having good times and growing 'away from us' because they have to grow up at some point and I like them being happy and creating great friendships while 'away from us'.

  My son got to go to a birthday party for a good buddy of his. My oldest got to attend a spa day for middle school girls run by a local group of high school girls involved in a program called Pure Fashion. Great group of godly, fun and modest teen girls! A great influence on the coming up 'middle school girls'. I can't believe my oldest will be a REAL middle school girl next year. We're still waiting to hear if she got into the school she applied for...and it's a long hard wait!

  Then while all that was going 2 middle girls got to attend a Valentines day party with their AHG friends. Funny story. About 6 weeks ago...I mentioned to the other Tenderheart Unit leader that I'd like to organize a Vday party for the girls. We have 60 Tenderheart girls in our troop. I was up for the challenge though. So we got the room reserved at the church. Sent out the invitation to the girls. And I started plowing forward with a plan!!! Then one day about 2 weeks into the planning I realized I had made a terrible mistake and had actually double booked myself. I had planned for us to be a the marriage conference on the same day that I had set up the Vday party!!! ACK!!! Luckily, I have a wonderful co-Unit leader and she took my place for the party. I still did all the organizing, but I was sad to not be able to attend. I heard from my girls that everyone had a great time and it all went well. Shew! I gotta be more careful about not double booking things!!!

  Also over the weekend, on Sunday, my 3 Irish dancers competed in the in school Feis. They came home with 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place ribbons. All of them did very well! It was a long day of waiting, but in the end the rewards they received for all their hard work was worth it.

  While the Feis was going on my oldest son was trying out for his spring baseball league.  He said he did well, but he did have some mistakes that he was bummed about. I imagine it's hard to go from winter time to a matter of minutes. I'm sure he did great! We'll wait now to hear where they place him in his division. A fun spring ahead I'm sure. We love watching him play baseball.

  I've just given you a taste of a busy weekend in the life of our family. Most weekends are not this packed, but I enjoy looking back and saying we did it! With some help we got everyone safely to and from their events and no one can say they didn't get to do what they wanted to do.

  Thank you, Jesus, for our 6 blessings! And for their LOVE for life and fun!!!

#1 and #6 sharing their Vday spirit!! 

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