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Friday, February 08, 2013

It went like this

  I was having a conversation with my #2 tonight and it went like this...

Me: So, do you think you want to try for Eagle Scout?

#2: Ya, and I want to take a long time getting it?

Me: Why's that?

#2: Because I want to be a Scout for a long time and get lots of awards.

And, in light of the conversations that have been going around over the last couple of weeks...I hope for my own sons sake that he will still be able to say that with pride in the next few months. 
You see, to him, Boy Scouts is what it is RIGHT NOW. No changes. No conforming to the world. It's virtuous. It's honorable. It builds leaders! It inspires greatness. It challenges. It helps build character. It is outstanding in all areas. It is a unique family for boys to grow up in and excel because the role models are Scouts themselves. It's full of hope. Full of expectations to excel. And it is that place where goals are set and accomplished beyond expectations. The Boy Scouts of America have honorably stood the test of time, so to speak, and stood out as something special.

Lord, I pray over the next few months leading up to the decision the BSA is facing that people of strong character come forth and speak words that are charitable and courageous. The words that need to be said and heard. I pray that loyalty to tradition and commitment to respect and honor continue to hold the most importance.  May the Boy Scouts of America stand strong in the face of adversity! 

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Katie said...

we are praying hard too . . . our boys LOVE scouts and I would love for them to be scouts for a long time!