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Monday, February 04, 2013

It came so fast

   Just 10 short days from now we'll be starting Lent! What!? I can't believe it's time already.  I'll be honest, Lent isn't my favorite time of year. I know people who love it because of the sacrifices and the focus on the Passion and Cross, but I just feel like I never do enough. And I feel like what I try to do I fail at a lot.  It's just HARD! But I guess THATS the point, right!

  Here is a link back to a post I did last year.  The kids and I will put together our Lenten Journey calendar some time over the next few days. Our Lenten Journey

  We all really like this method of going through Lent together.  Of course, with little kids, it helps to have everyone doing 'little sacrifices' together. I've told the big kids if they want to do something else in addition to what we do as a family then they can come up with what would challenge them and do it!

  And now, I will spend the next few days praying about what it is God wants me to work on THIS Lent.

  What will you decide to do, both physically and spiritually, to bring yourself closer to Our Lord this Lent? Share your ideas in my comments box.

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