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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Birthday #4!!!

  YOU are special! And to prove that you entered the world different than any of your siblings! God planned it that way because YOU are unique. I remember the doctor saying to me 'this child will be different than the rest because of 'this moment'.

  #4 you are shy around others, but among family you can really light up the room.  Your toothless smile is the cutest in town! You are so smart and so determined to be 'right up there' with the big kids.
You love your siblings and do such a good job being a big sister, especially to your 'pink roomie' (#6).
Right now, your loves are horses, American girl dolls, crafts and soccer. You're a terrific Irish dancer, but your heart is not in it so much this year so it seems soccer will be your next adventure.  You love trying new things!

  THIS is your big year in the Church. In December you received your First Confession and in May we'll all celebrate your First Holy Communion.

  We love you, sweet girl! Don't grow up too fast!

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