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Friday, February 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol.5)

--- 1 ---
The 4 oldest kids are attending a Lenten Retreat with our homeschool group today.
--- 2 ---
The weekend has a few things going on, but we'll also get to enjoy some good 'ole 'home time' as a family.
--- 3 ---
Tomorrow night is the Father Daughter Dance with our AHG troop. Stay tuned for pictures. The girls picked out some cute dresses this year.
--- 4 ---
#2 is planning and planning his birthday events...the BIG double digit year has finally come for him!
--- 5 ---
#4 receives her First Holy Communion in early May. I've been falling behind helping her get prepared and I haven't done a good job making it 'fun' for her. I'm going to work on that!
--- 6 ---
We have a surprise planned for the kids come Monday. Sometimes my kids read my blog, so stay tuned for the details to be posted.
--- 7 ---
I'm so pleased with how this Lent has gone so far.  God has given me strength beyond my comprehension.  Lent is hard, but hard can be so good! I know that sounds crazy, but I bet a lot of you understand.

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