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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

THIS kinda week

   He comes home tomorrow. Since last Thursday he's been to Rome and 2 different locations in Romania. We've missed him!

  Since last Thursday we have finished 5 days of school work, been to Mommy Bootcamp twice, watched Madagascar 1 and 2, cleaned the house, kept up with laundry, raced 1 car in the Pinewood Derby, had 2 toddlers go through a stomach bug, played our new Wii games from Christmas, played in the snow, gone to dance lessons, gone to co-op...well I'll stop there and just say...we've kept ourselves busy and productive.

  Tonight was a stay home and keep peaceful kinda night. My #5 and #6 and I were running an errand to Target this afternoon while the big kids finished up their last co-op class. Something came over me and I decided to ask my #5 if he wanted to make a dessert with me for dinner tonight. Duh! What almost 4 year old boy would say no to that!?

  This is what he picked...

The kids said it looks like a chocolate donut, but it's a cake!

  And I've unofficially declared it a treat night! A reward at the end of a long week without Daddy!

  Yep, it was one of THESE kinda weeks! One, great week! We've conquered a lot!!!

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