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Sunday, January 27, 2013

THIS is tough part 4

Daddy is away and the 2 babies have been sick (vomiting sick) the last 24 hours. So far, no one else has 'fallen', but I feel like I'm sorta on the edge of my seat waiting for someone else to start the whole process again.

Actually, so far, I feel kinda 'blessed' in this sickness. My almost 4 year old son started the whole thing Saturday evening. He got sick once and was sorta tired and such, but this morning he was totally himself again. We've got light on the food choices (applesauce, toast, that sorta stuff), but he is for sure on the road to normalcy.

The baby, started her 'course' around 2am last night. She was up getting sick pretty frequently until about 5am when she slept for a good 2-3 hours. She got him this am and looked tired, but pretty good and was requesting juice. I started her with water. She lost it. We waited. Then we did some water from a spoon so I could carefully control the intake. It worked! Did that a few more times. Then I added a smidge of apple juice to the water and gave her a sip of that from a spoon. It worked! She's in bed now, but she hasn't gotten sick since around 1pm today. And she's had crackers, a few bites of banana, water. So, we'll hope she sleeps through the night. We'll start her on simple food in the am. And I'll gradually increase what she can eat if she does well.

Here's hoping this sickness stops there!!!

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