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Friday, January 04, 2013


  I'm thankful this Friday for...

  An amazing dinner with new and 'old' friends last night!

  Even more amazing than the dinner and the 'getting together' was the enlightening, overwhelming, exciting, hopeful, full of wisdom conversation that we all shared. God is good. I'm anxious for the new things that will most surely come out of our conversation to make 2013 a very good year! Stay tuned...

  my husband who has been and always will be a hard worker. He amazes me! He 'takes one for the team' all the time. He picks up the slack for everyone. He gives and gives and never stops. God rewards him along the way in some really unique ways. Yesterday he worked at a soup kitchen for the first time.  I know it was rewarding for him.

  for my children especially the fact that I don't 'really' have to fight them about getting their school work done each day.  They are really obedient. Yes, I sometimes hear 'the winey voice' in response, but for the most part they know what has to be done and they do it.

  There you have it...the things on my heart, right now, that I'm most thankful for.



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