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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Good bye 2012. Hello 2013!!!

  Reflections on 2012...

  I don't know why God has blessed us so much. I often ask that in prayer and wonder what more he is asking from us. 6 beautiful and healthy children? A faithful, loving, hardworking, disciplined husband? 12+ year of marriage? A fun, compassionate, patient daddy? A lovely home to keep us warm and safe and for us to make memories together and to share with our friends and family? God has been so good to us!

  Lord, thank you for the many blessings you showered on us in 2012 and even before. Show us they ways you want us to serve you better.  Guide our every decision.  Let us always strive to love You more than all else in our lives.  And may we be a light to others who do not know You.  Be near us this new year. Keep us safe, together and healthy. Most importantly help us stay united to your will for our lives and show us how You want us to live our life together! Amen.

January started off with 'warm' weather. Warm enough to get out and enjoy our Christmas gifts.
And we enjoyed having DH around to spend some time at museums and just hanging out together.
#6 began to really become a toddler this year. Trying to do some 'preschool' type activities during our school day.

     February gave the girls a night out with Daddy! The Father Daughter dance with our AHG troop was a blast!!!
 This year the girls were in more Irish dance competitions than ever. We entered more since they expressed the desire and have been working so hard in classes for years! It was a lot of fun to see even my 'more timid' girls step up and learn bravery!

Legos!!! Legos!!! Lots of them. There's not a lego set that my #2 can't conquer! He's quite a builder!
Sibling bonding. Each year, each day the kids are given moments together to grow closer. I hope they cherish these moments when they look back at their childhood some day.

September started another year of homeschooling the 4 oldest kids. We feel so grateful for another year educating them at home, together. It has been so beautiful to watch the children grow into wonderful students and to see them learning so much. All in the comfort of our own home!!

#5 really started taking an interest in following in big brothers footsteps. September is when he started learning how to play tee ball. Not on a team yet since he's still just 3 years old, but with the 'best coach in town', Daddy!

        LOTS to time outdoors fall of 2012! The toddlers LOVE piggy back rides with the big kids!

One of my favorite memories of 2012...the space shuttle riding 'piggy back' on the airplane and 'showing off ' all around our local area! What a sight it was!!!
                                                   We LOVE watching our boy play baseball! His spring season was his last in the league he's 'grown up' in so far.  The fall season went really well too. We moved to our new house and he moved to a new team and he was VERY successful. Pitching for them. Catching for them and playing short stop too. He's a terrific athlete. I look forward to standing by him and cheering for him for many more years. It's one of my 'mommy favorite things'. Here he is sliding into home.

 #3 received her First Communion this year!


Another beautiful recital for the dancers!

                             Many great innings of pitching!

We are thankful to be part of a fantastic AHG troop at our parish. The girls all love the friends they've made and the fun adventures they're having.

       July 17th we moved into our new home! It has been a blessing beyond words. New friends, moving closer to close friends of ours. New beginnings and keeping up with the old. Still close enough to visit cousins and friends and be part of our homeschool community, but have land and privacy and peace. We love it here!

Daisy and Ollie ,our new kittens, arrived Labor Day weekend! They've been a lot of fun!!!

       Our horse lovers #3 and #4 got to fall in love with 2 ponies. But then they had to say good bye to them when we moved. It was a big lesson in staying strong through life's changes!

   Our oldest really grew up this year. Turned another year older, yes, grew to 5'2" yes, but she is going off to school next year. We're so excited for her!!!!

    We went on our first campout with out daddy in October!!! We had a great time and we survived. I put that tent up with my girls! First time...success!!!

   #4 just received her First confession with one our favorite pastors. He baptized her too not that long ago! He's a gift!

      Last picture of 2012...our first 'stairway' picture in our new house! Merry Christmas!!! Kids ages 11, 9 1/2, 8, 6 1/2, 3 1/2 and 2.

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