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Thursday, January 24, 2013

First 'snow day' 2013

   The kids are kinda bummed right now because several things they 'love to do' have been canceled this week due to weather or sickness. We've managed to stay healthy all flu season. The kids really haven't even had a cold to speak about.  How? Well, we've done more staying home. We've taken more vitamins...immune booster powder, Vit. C and Vit D. And we've tried to stick to a regular schedule of sleep.  That's all I can say.  So far, its worked!

  Anyway, we got about an 1 1/2 of snow last night!! So pretty! It's amazing how the snow makes the night so bright? Have you noticed that? So today, I get a text from good friends of ours who recently put their 3 oldest kids into public school. The text read 'snow day! Want to get together?' 

  Why, yes, yes we do!!! It was great motivation to my kids to get their am school work done and then we could go meet our friends down the road where the 2 STORY Burger King playhouse is!!! The kids had a great time eating and playing for about an hour and then we came back here to 'sled' in the 27 degree weather with minimal snow. That didn't last too long, but it lasted enough to keep them happy and making memories. Then it was inside for hot cocoa and warming up before our friends had to head back to their place. 

  We made it a day. And now, the kids are back to moping around. What can I say? I'm kinda moping too...we just dropped DH off at the airport, we just found out another of our favorite activities is canceled for tomorrow and well, it's just kinda depressing around here. 

  What to do! How can I get these kids to have a great week without daddy around? What can I do to lift their spirits? How can I make sure to have time for myself too? 

These 2 kids are my 'make the most out of everything' kids. Love that attitude about life!!

The toddlers making their way down the snowy steps. 

#'s 3,4,5 and 6!

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Maryan said...

Great job being positive!!