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Friday, January 25, 2013

As they grow

  Each child, as they grow older, begins to show their true self. Their character traits, their temperament, all that they are.  And we, their parents, are witnessing the unveiling.  It's a lot of fun. Actually, I think watching them grow up and become wholly who God wants them to be HAS TO BE one of the greatest joys in parenting.

  My almost 10 year old son (I can't believe I'm saying he's almost 10) is a riot. I don't even know where to begin. Trying to describe him I find myself speechless. He won my heart the day I found out he was in fact a boy inside me! But each time I 'connect' with him, REALLY connect with him...the love we express to each other without even using the words 'I love you' is such a tremendous feeling.

  So, one of the things I love about this kid so much is his 100% boy-ness! There are times when it really 'shines'. And when he's all boy...I feel so comfortable with it. I know that's because I grew up with 3 brothers. You could say my brothers sure prepared me well for these days with my growing up son AND the little guy not far behind him (my nearly 4 year old son). In fact sometimes when he's acting so 'boy' I find myself carrying on right with him and sorta forgetting my 'mommy role'. I think he likes that though.

  One recent story I have to share. It took place tonight actually. I drove my son to our church to check in/weigh in his Pinewood Derby car. Tomorrow's the big race day! Once we got back into our driveway he jumped out of the car and grabbed the snow shovel which was near the garage door and began scooping up snow and threatening to throw it at me, but I stayed in the car and said 'don't you dare throw that on me! Throw it on the car.' So he did. I preceded into the house and he followed. Somewhere along that short walk to the house he got this 'boyish' idea to gather snow in the shovel again and throw it into the air making it 'snow' in himself. Then he did it again! Hilarious child. Thanks for the laughter you bring out of me!

  He makes us crack up. He's my 'other kid' who is great at finding the joys in life and making others laugh. He has a great sense of humor.

  These pictures aren't great, but you'll get the idea.
Step 1 Gather lots of the 'dry type' snow in your shovel.
Step 2 throw the snow up into the air right above your head.

Step 3 laugh at yourself and your mother who's laughing at you too! ; )

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