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Friday, January 18, 2013

7 Quick Takes (vol.2)

TPG Party Night
   Tonight is our company holiday party! I'm not really the 'large crowd' type, but of course, I do it for my husband. I feel like by getting my 'good mood on' and dressed in my 'Sunday best' shows him how much I love and support him.  Lots of people is just sometimes uncomfortable for me.  Ya know, knowing what to say to strangers, etc. But I've found all I need is a few questions to ask people and a good glass of wine. The wine first! Of course, I enjoy being with my husband at these events, but he REALLY has to 'work the crowd'. He introduces me to people and such, but I mainly find my comfort zone, hang there and wait for him to wisk me away to meet someone...then I hurry right back over to my comfort zone...when the time is right to 'leave' the new person I met. ; ) Sounds complicated, but I'm getting use to it. And I'm kinda getting good at it too!

New Discovery
Do you know what this is? Of course it's not grapefruit! I wouldn't make it THAT easy on you! 
THIS my friends is a new discovery of ours. A homeschool mom friend of mine actually introduced us to this lovely new fruit called a Pomelo! If you've never had one you should try it. It's kinda a mix between an orange and a grapefruit. I had no idea how to cut into it and prepare it, so I watched this Cute lady prepping a Pomelo
Sweet lady, huh! This is how I cut mine and it worked really well. It was a little bit of work. I won't lie, but look at all that yummy fruit we'll be adding to our lunch today!

It's Pinewood Derby time!!!!! Need I say more!? A week from tomorrow is our Packs big race. Guess what hubby and #2 will be doing on Saturday afternoon!

Reading Time
   We've recently changed our quiet time to 1 whole hour! LOVE the peace it brings each day!

Alone Time
  After the party tonight my DH and I are spending the night away. We won't be back until tomorrow afternoon. I'm so looking forward to it! My in-laws are coming to stay with the children.

  I am so thankful for good friends! Good conversations that are most surely messages from God since my friends are His best friends too!
My 2 and almost 4 year old aren't seeming so little anymore. Both are really becoming preschoolers. Especially my almost 4 year old. He is asking to do school. At least 2 times each week he comes to me with 'can I do my school work'. I just signed up with ABC Mouse. He loves it! And we have some little workbooks and other activities that we do. I love watching him learn. 

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Katie said...

Enjoy the alone time!! We have a Derby workshop here tomorrow, so I think we will be doing the same!