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Friday, January 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

  I've decided to 'jump on the bandwagon', finally! I keep running into blogs who do this '7 Quick Takes Friday' and I really enjoy the format and the 'stuff' I'm learning, so I decided to join in. Here goes nothing! I'm even going to 'copy' a friend of mine who used the 7 points today to answer 'what kind of mom she is'. She was driving around one day and was stopped behind a van with a 'soccer mom' car magnet. She is 'not a soccer mom' so she began to think 'what kind of mom am I? What kind of magnets would I put on my car?'

  So, for my first 'quick takes friday' I'm going to answer that same question. What kind of mom am I?

--- 1 ---
Catholic Mom

First, and most importantly, I'm a Catholic mom! This is a picture of our church.  I wanted to post the actual car magnet on my car that says Holy Trinity Catholic Church. I LOVE being Catholic. I'm proud to display our church magnet on my car. I think we might have been on of the first churches locally to have magnets. Great idea! By the way, we spend a lot of time here because most of our 'outside the home' activities are here too. Read on... 

--- 2 ---
Homeschool Mom
I can hardly believe we've been homeschooling for almost 8 years.  Currently I have children in 6th, 4th, 3rd and 2nd grade. I also have 2 toddlers behind them. We're IN this! We love it! I love having my children home and I am so grateful to have control over their education.  My 6th grader will be going off to 'real school' in the fall, Lord willing. And she is ready!! 

--- 3 ---
3PG Wife

I am so privileged to be the wife of the CEO of 3PG!!! Yes, it comes with hard times, but those 'hard times' are because my DH puts so much into this company. We have and will continue to make it through the hard times and it is making us stronger. My DH is constantly amazing me! I like that! And I am and will always be proud to be his wife! His determination and passion can move mountains!

--- 4 ---

Boyle School Mom
My oldest has been taking Irish dance lessons from this amazing school since she was 5. We're still there and now 3 dancers strong!!! What a gift this school has been to my girls!

--- 5 ---
Baseball Mom
My son has been playing since he was 4! There isn't much I love more than watching him play! He makes me so proud every season.  He plays pitcher, catcher, short stop, sometimes 3rd base and sometimes 1st base. He's very versatile. He amazes me with how well he knows the game.

--- 6 ---
Scout Mom

We are a scout family. It isn't our LIFE as you can tell from above, but we have 3 girls in AHG and 1 about to enter his 2 year as a Webelo.  My husband was nearly an Eagle scout. Neither of us volunteer with the cub scout pack, but I am a Unit leader in our AHG troop. We love what scouting is teaching our kids. Service to God, Family and Community! 

--- 7 ---
Exercising Momma
Since October I've been experiencing change through working out with this group called Mommy Boot Camp. I'm starting to see great results in my strength. It's by far the best workout I've experienced since my high school days of being an athlete. After 6 kids this momma has work to do!!! I love being physically fit. Getting there after so many pregnancies is a lot of work, but I'm up for the challenge!! 
Speaking of that...I better stop the blog post and get to my workout!

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Have a great day everyone!!

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