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Friday, December 07, 2012


My thoughts in this moment...

#1 I'm grateful for a slow pace today. Heading the the church today for 2 beautiful Sacraments and LOTS of extra Grace and strength in raising our kids to be holy!

#2 DH is STILL sleeping. He's had lots of early mornings/late nights, so I'm glad he has some extra time to rest this morning.

#3 We have a busy weekend ahead. The kids will spend a big part of the day Saturday at Grandma and Grandpa's for their annual Cousins Christmas party complete with a pageant (acting out the Christmas story- with all these kids everyone has a part), and a meal and treats and I think they're also going to see the Living Christmas Tree some place local. Then on Sunday I'm taking my 3 big girls to a tea party! More on that later. Shhh!

#4 I'm hoping to get a big chunk of our Christmas shopping done on Saturday while the 5 oldest kids are busy at Grandma's. ; )

#5 Thank you, Jesus, for this new day!

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