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Monday, December 17, 2012

Tea, please? Yes, please!!!

A couple weekends ago I took my 3 oldest girls (ages 11, 8 1/2 and nearly 7) to tea at a new spot. A friend set up this event for our homeschool group to attend. There were about 40 people (moms, daughters and grandmothers too) that came for the 'Nutcracker' tea that day.

What a lovely place to be for the afternoon. The boys were home watching football and being lazy. The girls and I were warm and cozy, sipping tea and enjoying being girls! We even brushed up on our proper tea etiquette a little bit.

Here are some pictures from our outing together. I think this might be a every other year or so 'tradition' for us girls! Next time though, I think we'll invite some others. hint, hint, grandma's!!!

The lovely tree inside the Mansion which we toured with our group.

The garden

The garden again

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The steps up to the Mansion

Another beautiful Christmas tree in the Carriage House

The Nutcracker Tea- 2012

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